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Why you should use a kitchen designer

A kitchen renovation is one of the biggest investments that you’ll make in your home.  There’s a lot to consider when planning for your new kitchen and utilising the skills of a professional kitchen designer will ensure that you renovate without regret.

Here are our top six reasons why you should work with a professional kitchen designer.

  • It’s All About The Detail

Working with a kitchen designer usually means that your kitchen will be defined right down to the minor details.  Measurements will be taken and your plan will be designed specifically for your space.  Best of all you will receive elevations or a in our case, a 3D design for you to visualise your kitchen BEFORE it is manufactured.

This is such an important step at removes the guesswork, allowing you to visualise your kitchen and see how your design selections will work giving you confidence in your decisions.


  • There Are No Second Chances

A kitchen renovation is a major undertaking.  Often a new kitchen involves a range of other improvements such as flooring, wall removals and services.  Once your new kitchen is in place, it’s generally not an option to rip it out and try again if you aren’t happy with the outcome!

Drawing upon the skills and resources of a professional kitchen designer will ensure you renovate without regret.  Your designer will have a handle on all the important details (including measurements) and will be able to work with you on your design brief to ensure that your kitchen is exactly how you want it.

  • They’ve Seen It All

Experienced kitchen designers have seen a lot of kitchens – small, large and spaces with challenging layouts.  They will have the experience, ability and supplier range to re-imagine your kitchen in ways you may not be able to.  Their resources and ability will ensure any challenges around layout, services and spatial factors can be suitable resolved.


  • Guided Style Choices

There are so many things to consider in a kitchen renovation from the more obvious benchtop and door styles through to appliances, handles and flooring.  A professional designer will be across the options available to you and will have knowledge as to the right products and finishes for your lifestyle, budget and style.

  • Industry Knowledge

A professional kitchen designer works in the industry as a career and that means they will have a working relationship with a range of professional contacts, suppliers and resources.  Not only does this mean they’ll be across a wide range of products and finishes available to you, it also means they’ll have the resources to mitigate any particular issues that might arise.


  • Functionality

A kitchen needs both form and function.  A professional designer will be able to offer you knowledge of kitchen work zones, as well as layouts, strategies and products for maximising storage and flow in your kitchen.


At Wallspan, we offer FREE kitchen design appointments that offer a number of benefits including a colour consultation and design service, 3D layouts and customised designs to suit your home, budget and lifestyle.

Ready to see our professional kitchen designers can help your dream kitchen come to life? Book a free design appointment with our team here.

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