Virtual Reality Arrives At Kitchen Connection

In March 2017, Kitchen Connection will introduce Virtual Reality technology to their showrooms as they continue to create a clear market advantage through the use of digital innovations.

The brand is investing heavily in digital sales tools and innovative products to deliver a seamless, unrivalled retail experience for customers.

2016 saw the company trial virtual reality simulations of their kitchen ranges at selected home shows to great success and they will now roll out the program to all 15 showrooms nationally.

The new virtual reality program is expected to be a significant competitive advantage for Kitchen Connection as customers can now configure, visualise and walk through their kitchen in a three dimensional environment.

Kitchen Connection Managing Director, John Bourke, advised improved technology in showrooms will allow customers to see, touch and design their new kitchen in a virtual environment not previously seen in the kitchen renovation market.

Said John, “There are some really exciting innovations taking place in kitchen design at the moment and we want to be able to show our customers what those innovations look like and how they can be used.

“Most customers find it hard to visualise how their kitchen will look as there are so many choices to be made – everything from handles and benchtops to sinks and flooring.  Faced with so many of these decisions, it can be a challenge for a customer to foresee how their end product will look.

“There are so many aspects to a new kitchen and it is the type of thing that you really want to be able to touch and try out – particularly with regards to surfaces, textures and colour palettes.

“Our virtual reality program will remove the guess work and enable our designs to come to life within the showroom, giving our customers confidence in their design decisions.”

Kitchen Connection’s virtual reality program will be unveiled in showrooms from March 2017.


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