Using Colour In Your Kitchen

It’s the dilemma faced by colour lovers Australia wide – how to inject a splash of colour into your kitchen without creating a polarising kitchen design?

Colour is a beautiful thing but it can be personal. While you might absolutely love your purple kitchen cabinets it’s safe to say that others may not share your passion come resale time.

So here are six easy ways to add colour to your kitchen without compromising your overall design – enjoy!

1. Coloured Appliances

Introduce subtle colour through your appliances. Stick with appliances that are removable and not fitted – think fridges, mix masters and the like.

Picture source: The Cross Interior Design as seen on Houzz

2. Stools

Stools are an easy and cost effective way to add a splash of colour to your space – particularly in sleek, minimalist designs. From block colour to stools with contrast – update your kitchen look easily with some styled seating.

Picture Source: Kitchen Connection

3. Blinds

Add pattern or colour to your kitchen design through your window treatments. Printed or coloured blinds can be highly effective.

Photo source: The Shade Store
Photo source: Printed Blinds Australia

4. Pendants

Pendants are another easy way to introduce a colourful feature to your kitchen without overwhelming the space or intimidating potential buyers.

Image source:

5. Rugs

Thanks to the resurgence in boho interiors, rugs are starting to creep into kitchens.

Ideal for helping to muffle noise and protect hard wood floorings, rugs in the kitchen offer a few advantages – namely an interesting visual in the space and soft cushioning underfoot.

Be warned though- the kitchen is not generally a textile friendly area. With spills, splashes, crumbs and the general wear and tear of a high traffic area, a kitchen rug may not be the most practical addition to your space!

Photo Source: Pinterest


From canisters and bowls to fruit, prints and chopping boards – décor is the simplest and most cost effective way to add colour to your kitchen.

Photo credit: Donna Dotan. Source HGTV.

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