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This Year’s Latest Kitchen Design Trends

Whether you’re building a new house or renovating, everyone wants a kitchen design that not only keeps up with the latest trends but is also ergonomically sound. There are many different factors in kitchen design that can achieve the look that you want; Bench top materials, colour schemes, flooring options and lighting are all very important factors when designing your kitchen. There are also other factors in kitchen design such as the amount of space available as well as the natural lighting. You must also consider what appliances are to be used within the kitchen as this can play a critical part in the efficiency and style of the space.

When looking at materials in bench tops for 2013 the most common styles that are trending are neutrally styled stone or laminate benches. These materials give options for a great range of colours and designs which will make any kitchen stand out. When it comes to colour and design in the kitchen, clean and modern styles accentuated by warm and natural tones are becoming very popular. This principle can be applied to storage, tiles and even surrounding features of the kitchen. Of course, it’s always great to add contrast in colours to make a kitchen design stand out.

Lighting can be an element that can add an entirely new dimension to any kitchen. Whether it is a couple of well-placed down lights, or a feature light to brighten up the entire room, the right lighting can provide warmth and depth to any kitchen design.

If you’re building or renovating, Wallspan can provide you with all the guidance needed to transform your space into a modern luxury kitchen. Jump online to browse their designs or try out their kitchen design wizard. When you’re ready to get started in designing your new kitchen, simply book in a free design appointment and consultation.

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