Secrets Of A Successful Kitchen Renovation

Planning a kitchen renovation in 2017? Here are 5 secrets for ensuring your kitchen renovation is a success.


There are many technical terms involved with a kitchen renovation so it pays to understand kitchen design basics such as layout and mounting terminology.

There are some essentials to tackle before you even consider a renovation, so educate yourself about storage, hardware, lighting and layouts.  For a quick lesson in those elements visit our previous blog –  8 Essentials To Tackle Before Your Kitchen Renovation.0


Before you even begin to shop around for cabinetry and kitchen designs, it’s important to be clear on what you need your new kitchen to do and how you want the space to fit with your existing home and lifestyle.

Put together a list of things you struggle with and things that you want in your new kitchen.  Note the priorities for your new kitchen and then be clear on styles and finishes that you think will complement the style of your home.  Clarity around your priorities, how you plan to use your kitchen and looks that you like will ensure your kitchen designer gets a great brief and can deliver a design you love.


Kitchen design is definitely an art!  Kitchen design professionals have the advantage of experience and knowledge – they will know the best products and solutions to suit your needs, will have access to good deals for appliances and trades and will be able to help you manage your kitchen renovation from start to finish.

Your kitchen renovation is a significant investment so ensure you get it right the first time with professional kitchen design advice.


Believe it or not, flooring is often an afterthought for many kitchen renovators.  Flooring can have a big impact on your kitchen renovation budget so start thinking about this at the planning stage to avoid a budget blowout.

Something as simple as updating the flooring can have huge impact on the look and feel of your kitchen so definitely consider how flooring could enhance your new space.

For more tips on selecting the right flooring for your home, read our blog Key Criteria For Kitchen Flooring.


The simple truth is that things are going to get messy!  A kitchen renovation involves a fair bit of inconvenience so plan ahead for the noise and mess of it all.  Think about rubbish removal, covering any furniture etc and plan on how you will live life around this inconvenience – a few meals at the neighbours perhaps?  The more prepared you are for this inconvenience – the less stress for all involved!

If you have plans for a kitchen renovation in 2017, book a free kitchen design appointment with us or visit one of our kitchen design showrooms in Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Newcastle.

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