Plan Your Kitchen Like A Pro!

For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Apart from being the central hub of your home life, kitchens and bathrooms are also very important considerations when it comes time to value and sell your home. So if you are planning a kitchen renovation – getting your kitchen design right is critical!

Planning is key when it comes to creating a successful kitchen design – you need to be clear on your budget and also how your kitchen is to work with your lifestyle.

So go forth and plan your kitchen like a pro with these top tips from our kitchen design team!


Functionality First

The first question to ask your self is “how will I use my kitchen”? Think about the functionality of your kitchen, what it will be used for and who will be using it. Ask yourself:

  • How often will the kitchen be used to cook?
  • How many people will cook in the kitchen at once?
  • How many people will sit in the kitchen at once?
  • Do you do a lot of entertaining or plan on hosting dinner parties?
  • Will the kitchen have any other functions e.g. study space for kids, laundry area?
  • How much washing up do you accumulate in one day?
  • Do you consume more fresh foods or non-perishables?

This will help to determine the layout of your kitchen, as well as bench space, appliance requirements and storage.

Know Your Style

With your kitchen being such a large and important element of your home, you need to ensure that the style of kitchen complements the rest of your home. Are you looking for something cutting edge that reflects your personality or do you want a style that will have broad appeal when selling your home?

The best thing you can do when choosing a style is to get inspired! Buy home interior magazines and research the latest kitchen styles online via Instagram and Houzz.

It also helps to talk to a designer about how your chosen style can practically be applied in your space. Our kitchen design team offers free design consultations – book yours here!

Develop A Budget

Aim to spend between 4-6% of your property value to avoid overcapitalising on your renovation. It is also wise to put away an extra 10-20% of the initial budget to cover any unexpected emergencies. Research the cost of the materials and appliances you are likely to want so that you can work out if your kitchen design can realistically be achieved within budget.

Access A Professional

Our design team has seen too many badly done kitchens to not give this advice – always speak with a professional! Kitchens are tricky things – from storage planning, configuration and customising cabinetry, there are so many things that can go wrong and your kitchen is too big of an investment to get wrong!

Consulting a professional during the planning process is invaluable. Try and talk to somebody with experience in kitchen design, as they will be able to advise you on what will and won’t work in your space.

Furthermore, when sourcing quotes for items like cabinetry, be aware that the quotation may be ‘construction-only’ and not take into account the other necessary trades like electrical and tiling. Using a company that can take care of the entire renovation from cabinetry to lighting will ensure you get a true estimate of the project.

Want to get started on your kitchen renovation right now? We can help with the planning! Visit one of our showrooms to see examples of our kitchen designs or book a free kitchen design appointment in your own home.

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