Introducing New Cabinet Styles: Elevating Your Kitchen Design

Your kitchen’s door profile and cabinetry have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen design. With our latest style and colour selections, we have introduced the perfect profiles to match the aesthetics you love, whether it’s the charm of coastal-inspired kitchens or the bold statement of kitchens adorned in black.

See below for some of our favourite new cabinetry looks.



With its distinctive groove design and elegant vertical lines, our Colonial Cabinetry is the ideal choice for those seeking a farmhouse or coastal-inspired kitchen design. This profile brings a touch of rustic charm and classic appeal to your space.


Our new Vienna range, as pictured here in Stone Grey, presents a modern cabinetry profile with subtle detailing that offers a versatile, on-trend look. Vienna cabinetry adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your kitchen, making it a versatile choice for various design styles.


BayLeaf Eco Cabinets 


While the timeless charm of white kitchens endures, muted colour tones are making their mark in designer’s stylebooks for their warm and welcoming simplicity. Paler greens and earthy mid-green shades, inspired by the tranquillity of the forest, are predicted to become popular, infusing a fresh yet subtly lively vibe into kitchen spaces. For a harmonious and inviting design, pair these shades with neutral tones such as warm whites and soft greys.



Our Chauvel Cabinetry in Matte Black is the perfect choice for those looking to inject just the right amount of drama into their kitchen space. This bold, sophisticated profile brings a sense of theatricality and contemporary flair to your kitchen, making it an ideal selection for those who appreciate a touch of daring elegance.

These new cabinetry styles offer a world of design possibilities, enabling you to infuse character and personality into your kitchen space. Whether you are drawn to the timeless charm of colonial designs, the versatility of Vienna, the warmth of earthy greens, or the boldness of matte black, there’s a profile to suit your unique style and preferences. Elevate your kitchen design with these captivating new cabinetry looks and make a statement that reflects your individuality.

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