Kitchen Connection At 2013 Newcastle Home Show

Towards the end of July, Kitchen Connection participated in one of the biggest home shows being held in New South Wales: the 2013 Newcastle Home Show. Featuring the top brands for home furnishings, appliances and equipment, the event drew close to 15,000 visitors. They came and scoured the booths to look for the best products to match their design ideas.

Kitchen Connection was proud to be one of the sponsors, providing the tools and setup for the cooking arena, where a 6-metre state-of-the-art kitchen arena was built to showcase the ease and comfort of using our products.

Throughout the 3 days, culinary experts were on hand to provide demonstrations and displays of cooking mastery to spectators young and old. The show was designed to be interactive, with participants having a go at trying out unique but trusted methods and techniques of preparing delectable dishes.

Top chefs James “Jimmy” Hill, Gavin Forman and Paul Niddrie graciously engaged and interacted with the crowd, sharing their secrets to producing quality meals for top hotels and events. They prepared affordable recipes which can be enjoyed by the whole family, and the audience were given a chance to taste and appreciate the culinary creations.

Kitchen Connection is focused on making sure that the kitchen is optimised for space and comfort, in order to be instrumental in guaranteeing a seamless cooking experience. The guest chefs were able to take advantage of the kitchen arrangement, allowing them to inspire those watching to update their knowledge about cooking as well.

Next year, the Newcastle Home Show will again hold another event, with new brands and models for homeowners to enjoy. You can expect Kitchen Connection to be active once again with providing the venue with a nice kitchen setup to hold a cooking demonstration. For pictures and other details of the event, you can visit the website located here.

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