Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage - Kitchen ConnectionAmple cabinet space for groceries, utensils and kitchenware can have a significant impact on the functionality of a kitchen. When it is limited, you may find it difficult to keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free. Fortunately, you can optimise your kitchen space with a few clever storage ideas.

Some of the clever kitchen storage ideas that can put your kitchen back in order include:

Open wall shelves
Putting shelving on the walls is a great way to have more space and add aesthetic appeal in your kitchen. Since open shelves don’t have doors, they are simpler and thus more affordable compared to cabinets. You can also spot and get stored items with ease.

Overhead ceiling racks
An overhead ceiling rack can help you adequately store bulk items such as pots and pans. However, it is best the utensils are hooked in arm’s reach for easy access. Also, for safety reasons, it is advised to install them above the kitchen island.

Open kitchen island
Kitchen islands can eat up valuable floor space, especially in smaller kitchens. If you have a solid structure with no drawers, consider remodelling it into an open or semi unit. This may not free up the flooring, but it does add additional space for dishware and food items within reach when you prep or cook a meal.

Pull-out drawers
A great alternative to open wall-shelves is a pull-out drawers. With this storage option, you don’t need to strain your arm from getting hard-to-reach items out of the cabinets. You simply pull the handle and have access to what you need.

Kitchen Connection offers a wide range of kitchen storage solutions for your kitchen. Our kitchen design experts can work with your kitchen space and turn it into a functioning kitchen fitted with ample storage.

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