Announcing Wardrobe Connection by Kitchen Connection

We are so excited to announce the launch of Wardrobe Connection, our division dedicated entirely to the design and installation of stylish, premium wardrobes. Our wardrobe design team can work with you to maximise your wardrobe potential and improve storage space and functionality in your bedrooms.

To celebrate the launch of Wardrobe Connection, our designers have shared their 5 top wardrobe design tips for improving your wardrobe layout.  See their tips below and browse our wardrobes range for further inspiration.

Maximise Vertical Spaces

Giving every usable inch of your wardrobe a purpose is possible if you are clever about maximising space. Consider dual hanging rods and look for clever wardrobe accessories such as shelving and baskets, hanging racks for ties and belts and our personal favourite – pull out racks for pants and bottoms.

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Have A Consistent Look

The colour and finishes of your wardrobe are important and should match the style of your existing bedroom. From classic white and more neutral wardrobe doors to patterned painted doors, the style of wardrobe doors available vary. Look for a style that will soon your home and the design you are intending.

Wardrobe design ideas - Kitchen Connection

Add A Vanity

A wardrobe vanity not only looks great but is also a really useful way to ensure personal items such as makeup, bags, jewellery and perfumes can be hidden from view in the main bedroom but still remain easily accessible.


Remember Lighting

The wardrobe is one area in your home where natural lighting will be limited so ensuring you have adequate lighting in your wardrobe will be essential. Good lighting will allow you to easily see your clothes and items and will be particularly important if you do plan to dress or apply makeup in front of any vanity areas or mirrors.

Colour Block

We’ve all seen those immaculately colour blocked closets of celebs but the art of grouping clothing by colour does have a practical purpose in addition to looking great! By colour grouping your clothes, you will be able to more quickly access and plan your outfits making the space more functional and ensuring it will remain tidy (no more digging through drawers for a matching shirt!).

Looking at renovating your wardrobe?  Browse our wardrobes range or book a free wardrobe design consultation here.  Our showrooms in Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast also showcase our wardrobes range.  Click here to locate a wardrobe showroom near you.

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