8 Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid

It’s a bit cliché but your kitchen really is the heart of your home. It’s a place where you will cook, socialise, entertain and spend many hours so it ideally should be functional and a place that you enjoy.

Don’t be fooled though – a kitchen renovation is complex and there are a few factors you need to be wary of. Here’s an overview of 8 common kitchen design mistakes you should avoid in your kitchen renovation.

1 – Selling Yourself Short

If you are looking to create a functional, good-looking kitchen you do need to be practical about your budget. If you have a scant budget you seriously need to weigh up whether a full kitchen renovation is for you.

We’ve seen many instances where homeowners have rolled out a small budget or flatpack kitchen renovation only to have to redo the space a few years down the track as their original refresh just didn’t meet their lifestyle needs.

If you are considering a kitchen renovation – do your homework. The most recent HIA Kitchens and Bathrooms Survey* (April 2019) found the average kitchen renovation will set you back $25,707.

If that sort of money is a whack to the weekly budget, look at a loan or interest free kitchen finance options so you can be sure that your kitchen design isn’t compromised due to an unrealistic budget.

2 – Poor Lighting

The kitchen is going to be one of (if not the) most used spaces in your home. To that end, your kitchen should adopt a layered approach to lighting with a good mix of task, general and accent lighting.

Always look for good lighting above your work areas and if you are unsure – speak to an expert. Getting your lighting plan wrong and having to redo it will be a costly exercise.

3 – Polarizing Properties

That super sexy splashback that you saw on Instagram might be all the rage now but will it stand the test of time? Be wary of going too “trend crazy” with your kitchen, particularly if you are looking to sell your home in the near future. You can’t go wrong with a white or neutral kitchen and if you do want to have some on trend elements, introduce them subtly into your design with feature cabinets, fittings and aspects that are easily changed (such as wall colour).

Kitchen Connection_ Project 3 After Image 10

4 – Wasting Storage Space

Your kitchen will house all sorts of appliances, plates, tableware, food, cleaning products – you name it. It’s a massive design error to not plan for adequate storage in your kitchen. These days there are a range of great storage solutions on offer which maximise all those little areas in your kitchen for storage. From undersink storage to vertical storage systems and overhead cabinetry. Make storage front of mind when you are planning for your new space.

5 – Forgetting Flooring

We see this so often that flooring has become a hot topic on our blog! We can’t stress enough  just how important it is to consider flooring in your renovation and to make sure you plan and budget for flooring from the very get go.

6 – Scrimping On Hardware

Let’s face it, your kitchen is a significant investment so you will want it to stand the test of time. But as the old saying goes – you get what you pay for and that remains true with kitchen hardware. Investing in superior quality drawer rails, hinges and lift systems may not particularly float your boat but it’s too important to scrimp on. You will want drawers that can take your heavy pots and that make using your kitchen that much easier in the long-term.

Kitchen Connection - closeup on drawer

7 – Not Consulting A Professional

Kitchen design is an art. There are many things to consider in such a small space and speaking with a professional removes the complexity of it all. A professional kitchen designer knows the ins and outs of how your space should function, will be able to draw a great brief from you, will have the industry contacts and knowledge to ensure your kitchen is a great quality at a great price.  Best of all a professional kitchen designer will be able to help mitigate any issues that might arise.

Avoid wasting your time and money and speak with a professional kitchen designer in the first instance to explore your options, budget and needs.


Our state of the art kitchen design showrooms are designed to show you all the possibilities of what your new space could look like.  Investing in a new kitchen is an expensive exercise so it should be a priority to see, touch and walk through display kitchens so you can see your options and understand what you are looking at.  Quite simply, selecting finishes from a small swatch won’t cut it.  You need to be able to see, touch, walk through and experience these kitchen options to ensure you make design decisions you won’t regret.

Take a look behind the doors at our North Lakes showroom to see how our showrooms operate and view our Selection Centre.

To book a free kitchen design consultation with our professional team, click here.


*Kitchens and Bathrooms Report: Past Growth and Future Prospects 2018/19 |  April 2019  | HIA Economics


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