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3 Essentials For A Practical Kitchen

A kitchen needs both form and function. A good workflow, enough storage and ease of motion are the three essentials for a quality kitchen.

The experts at Blum capture this best through their ‘dynamic space’ philosophy.


A well organised kitchen will save you time and energy. Organise your space around how you will typically use appliances, areas and items.  Blum believe your kitchen should be divided into five zones, according to activities.

  • Consumables
  • Non-consumables
  • Cleaning
  • Preparation
  • Cooking

All that you need for each activity zone should be contained within that area – so for instance food in the consumable zone, bowls near the breakfast bar, coffee cups near your coffee station,  utensils in the food preparation zone.

Makes sense? Click here to start sorting your kitchen into Blum recommended zones using their online zone planner.



Once you have your zones organised, look at giving your workflow area easy access by utilising clever storage and access systems.

The amount of storage space you will need will depend on the size of your kitchen and your lifestyle but as a rule of thumb – storage is king!

Make the most of your available space with deep drawers, box storage and vertical storage solutions.

Explore the full blum range here.



Blum believes that utilising motion and high quality fittings, your kitchen will will ensure your new kitchen design offers enhanced convenience and effortlessly function.

Single touch suffices and lift systems, pull-outs and fully integrated fridge/freezers enable cabinetry to easily open with just the lightest of touch making cooking easier (and less messy!).  Click here for more information on the Blum range. 


Keen to see these three elements in action?  Book a FREE kitchen design appointment with our team to step through how your kitchen can be optimised to make your time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.

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