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Latest Kitchen Innovations By Blum

Most homeowners are meticulous when planning the perfect kitchen design. However, many will give more attention to aesthetically appealing items than those that contribute to the efficiency of the area. When in reality, creating the ultimate kitchen is a balance of two elements – design and functionality. With the help of Wallspan, you are rest-assured your kitchen design will be functional and practical. Wallspan recommends Blum.

Blum is one of the most respected manufacturers in the kitchen furniture industry. They provide mechanisms that improve efficiency of cabinets, drawers and other furniture without affecting the appearance. Moreover, they produce pieces that are innovative and one-of a kind. Some of their latest creations you should consider include:

  • SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS – Have you ever dreamt of opening doors with just one touch? Blum can make your dream a reality. They offer a lift mechanism which allows the cabinet doors to automatically glide open upon touch. If you want to close the cabinet, pressing the tiny switch will trigger the device to close down the doors gently.
  • SERVO-DRIVE uno – Another great innovation developed by Blum is the SERVO-DRIVE uno. Unlike regular pull-out cabinets, drawers with this mechanism don’t require the use of handles. By using your hips or knees, the cabinet will open automatically. This can be convenient when you are holding something in your hands.
  • CLIP top BLUMOTION – Shutting the cabinet doors with too much force can result in unwanted damages. When it is fitted with Blum’s CLIP top BLUMOTION, you are assured it will not yield to cracks or produce a loud noise. This is due to device’s mechanism which reduces the impact before the doors touches the cabinet frame. What makes it different from other door stoppers is isn’t bulky as it is installed into the hinge boss. It can also be turned on or off.

Have your kitchen fitted with beautifully crafted and efficient kitchen furniture and accessories with Blum’s innovative systems. Call Wallspan on 1800 700 777 and schedule an appointment today.

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