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Advantages Of Laminate Kitchen Benchtops

There are many materials you can choose from for your kitchen benchtop. What you decide upon is usually based on aesthetic looks, upkeep and cost. While more expensive benchtops often deliver great looks and a long life, they can be out of many people’s budgets. One alternative is laminate.

Here are a few reasons why:


With laminate, you can achieve a look similar to that of a more expensive material, without the hefty price tag. Made from multiple layers of different materials, the material is used in many applications, including on floors and furnishings. Due to the products used and the process to make it, laminate is much more affordable than many other materials, such as stone and timber.

Maintenance and Durability

The beauty of laminate is in its easy upkeep and long life. Known for lasting a lifetime when cared for properly, laminate is resistant to scratches, moisture and extremely high temperatures, as well as being extremely easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth for light spills and an all-purpose cleaner for more hardy messes.


Another great thing about laminate is that it can imitate almost any other material! With different textures from rough like stone to the soft touch of glass and the possibility to choose almost any colour you could think up, laminate can easily look like stone, glass, timber or slate, making it extremely versatile.

If you want an expensive looking benchtop but can’t afford a material like stone, laminate can give you a similar feel and appearance at a fraction of the price.

Wallspan is a national kitchen supplier offering a great range of laminate benchtops. You can view them online or call one of Wallspan’s friendly representatives on 1800 700 777 to find a local showroom and book a consultation.

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